Time to Make Your New Year’s Hearing Resolutions for 2019

Happy New Year 2019 - Communicate and hear better this year

  1. Get your hearing tested!
    If you’ve been waiting to get your hearing tested, now is the time. You may already suspect that you should. If family, friends, or coworkers have been trying to encourage you, listen to them and take the leap.
  2. Make an appointment with an audiologist.
    If you already wear hearing aids, have your device(s) cleaned and tested. This will give you the best hearing possible and start your new year off right! Ask about the latest tools, toys, and gear for your home, office, and car and what’s ahead in hearing tech that may be of great help to you.
  3. Put some music in your life!
    Research shows that music is good for the brain and there are very few things that stimulate the brain like music. Listening to music or playing an instrument can also reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain.
  4. Keep an open mind concerning hearing loss and treatment(s).
    Our office strives to give you all of the information you need to make an informed choice. We evaluate your lifestyle and hearing needs to determine what will work best for you!

Goal_ plan_ strategy dice for better hearing and communication

We all know that in order to achieve a goal it must first be identified. Once the goal has been established, then a plan of action and strategy can be set into place.

If better hearing is one of your goals for 2019, let us help you explore what options are available, and formulate a strategy and treatment plan to help you reach that goal!

Our practice’s goal is to help every patient live a more enriched and fulfilling life by identifying and understanding their hearing needs and pairing them with the latest in hearing technology.

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