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Poor Classroom Performance and Hearing Loss?

Girl with hearing loss in Southlake Texas

Imagine a student who is inattentive, poorly behaved in class and getting bad grades. Your first thought might be that the child has a learning disability. But you also might want to consider the possibility that the child has hearing loss; it is more common than you think. Quite often hearing loss, whether mild or severe, has a profoundly negative effect on academic performance.

  • According to the *Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) 14.9 percent of children between the ages of 6 and 19 have low or high-frequency hearing loss of at least 16-decibel hearing level in one or both ears. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1.3 out of 1000 8-year-olds have bilateral hearing loss (loss of hearing in both ears) of 40 decibels or more.
  • Even hearing loss in only one ear has a tremendous impact on school performance; research shows anywhere from 25 to 35 percent of children with unilateral hearing loss are at risk of failing at least one grade level.


Hearing Loss and Learning are Connected

Hearing ability is critical to speech and language development,communication and learning. Hearing loss causes delays in the development of speech and language, and those delays then lead to learning problems, often resulting in poor school performance. Unfortunately, since poor academic performance is often accompanied by inattention and sometimes poor behavior, children with hearing loss are often misidentified as having learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD.

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